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Rabu, 04 Desember 2013

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris dengan Tema Hukuman Mati


Good afternoon. Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah the Almighty God, now I can stand here in front of you. At this moment we can meet in good condition. Thank you for the opportunity, brothers and sisters.
Ladies and gentleman, Indonesia is rich, we know it, everyone know it. Right, we have energy sources which abundant, natural resource spread everywhere, tourism potential ranging from the faces of the beautiful beaches of diverse cultures, we have all. But how could all of that potential could be maximized if the state is still sick? What will you do when you are sick? You would be seeing and trying to recover. We must apply the death penalty for corruptors, first what's the difference between corruptor and terrorists? Terrorists kill? Yes .. corruptor? Yes .. (indirectly) terrorists breaking the law? Yes .. corruptor? yes .. but what? Terrorist sentenced to death but not with corruptor, even some of them are living in a luxury cell. Second, Indonesia should provide a strong and fair verdict against corruption. The society has become tired to find and witness that the corruptors who have corrupted billions just only get two years period in prison while a thief who get caught stealing chicken get five years sentence. Third, to solve and stop officials from corrupting people’s money is only by giving a death penalty. This will give wary effect to the officials not to do corruptions anymore.
Then when people would ask, should the death penalty for corruptors to run is not that violate human rights? And if people are having fun with the money of treason against his country, suffocating millions of poor people was not a violation of human rights? It's when we let these people stay there is a moral violations, because we're so sorry for people who do not know love.
However, we have to think about the people who have become the victims of corruption. Since corruption can not be vanished, society needs the definite move from the government, so the society trusts that the government has run a clean and transparent administration. Of course before sentence a corruptor, there are several perspectives. First is the quality of corruption. How much numbers are corrupted and we have to see whether the person is a serial corruptor. Second, the perspective that should be assessed is the perpetrator’s responsibility whether it is a strategic or not. The last perspective is whether he is the main perpetrator and committed to do corruption. If those points are confirmed, in my opinion, the death penalty may become the main option.
Thank’s for your attention.

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  1. kak ada pidato b inggris tentang penghapusan UN ama penghapusan b.inggris di SD gak..?

    kalo ada share ke sini ya kak

  2. Sangat membantu buat makalah....thanks